peter hudson art


I was born in Townsville, and lived the early years of my life in Northern and Outback Queensland.

When I was about 9 or 10 I remember a team of house painters coming to work on my parents' house. One of the painters would use up the last of his paint by slapping up small paintings on bits of cardboard or plywood. Watching these images come alive was my first encounter with art, a powerful and seminal experience for me. I was totally captivated and I know my fate was being forged as I saw this man quickly and magically create horses and landscapes.

Later in High School I developed a strong interest in drawing and music. I started playing drums and joined my first band.

In 1969 I began full time studies at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane. I studied graphics, design and illustration, with the intention of becoming a commercial artist. In my final year at Art College I realised I really wanted to be a painter, not an advertising man.

I worked for a short time as an illustrator, then moved back to North Queensland and started a jewellery apprenticeship.

Up until 1989, I worked as a jewellery designer and musician, painting only part time, then 1 moved with my family to the town of Maleny to devote all my time to art and painting.

I'm still living and working in Maleny.